Movie Playlist: Drama


I do love a good drama and dramas can have the best soundtracks too - I selected some of my fave tracks from some of my fave dramas. Enjoy!

  1. The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin’ (from Forest Gump)

  2. The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (from Goodfellas)

  3. Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (from Born on the Fourth of July)

  4. R.E.M. - Sweetness Follows (from Vanilla Sky)

  5. The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (from Dirty Dancing)

  6. John Parr - St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion) (from St. Elmo’s Fire)

  7. The Belle Stars - Iko Iko (from Rain Man)

  8. Bee Gees - Jive Talkin’ (from Saturday Night Fever)

  9. Genesis - Invisible Touch (from American Pyscho)

  10. Ted Nugent - Stranglehold (from Dazed and Confused)

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