Movie Playlist: Sci-Fi


My Spotify playlists are back, and I'm starting with something a little atmospheric - sci-fi. 

This playlists is a small selection of some of my favourite tracks from various sci-fi movies that I love, I hope you enjoy these too!

Movie Playlist: Sci-Fi

  1. 2049 (from Blade Runner 2049)
  2. Memories Of Green (from Blade Runner)
  3. Jack's Dream (from Oblivion)
  4. Welcome To Lunar Industries (from Moon)
  5. Don't Blow It (Solaris)
  6. Flash's Theme (from Flash Gordon)
  7. Derezzed (from Tron)
  8. Back To The Future (from Back To The Future)
  9. Love (from Under The Skin) 

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