Movie Playlist: Horror


It's time for some spooky tunes from a selection of some of my fave horror movies. Enjoy!

  1. John Carpenter - 'Halloween Theme - Main Title' (from Halloween)

  2. Disasterpeace - 'Title' (from It Follows)

  3. Theodore Shapiro - 'Into The Canyon' (from The Invitation)

  4. Philip Glass - 'Music Box' (from Candyman)

  5. Krzysztof Komeda - 'Rosemary's Baby Main Theme' (from Rosemary's Baby)

  6. Charles Bernstein - 'Main Title' (from A Nightmare on Elm Street)

  7. Michael Abels - 'Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga (Main Title)' (from Get Out)

  8. Pantera - 'Demon's Be Driven' (from The Devil's Candy)

  9. London Music Works - 'In the House-In a Heartbeat' (from 28 Days Later)

  10. Henry Hall and His Gleneagles Hotel Band - 'Home' (from The Shining)